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Genuine cartridges

Anti-clogging and anti-smearing genuine ink cartridges

Genuine or OEM cartridge refers to the ink cartridge that is manufactured by the company which makes the printer. OEM Hewlett Packard genuine cartridge if made by HP only but not by third party. There is no denying the fact that genuine cartridges are much more expensive than the remanufactured counterparts or compatible printers but then there is every reason to have them. You can attain best quality prints, and great peace of mind for such a printer is 100% compatible with specific models of printers. You can obtain the highest yields by using the printer which is very reliable requiring minimum downtime. The remanufactured or compatible version of such printer is not available. Genuine cartridge can provide the same quality as that of the original.

How to save money with OEM printers?

It is a fact that OEM or genuine printers are much expensive but there are ways to save:

  • Buy ink cartridges more than one so that you get attractive discounts
  • Buy the entire set of ink cartridges at one go. Certain printers require multiple cartridges.
  • Printing in the draft mode where ever printing quality is not a matter of concern. This can save ink.
  • You must sign up for the email promotions and alerts so that you get notification when ever discounts on ink or printer are available.

How does genuine ink cartridge function?

Genuine cartridges are the result of extensive researches and development of hundreds of elements. Using other categories of printers might affect the performance of the hardware, machine reliability and even the copy quality. When combined with right kind of configuration and quantity, the elements of genuine cartridge ensures protection and reliable operation of the machine and also the longer life print head. When used for printing, genuine cartridges calculate the exact mixture of the ink inside to create the most vibrant colours. This kind of calculation is thoroughly based on the ink formula of the genuine cartridge maker which helps in the procurement of life images with correct kind of colour matching. With such inkjet cartridges, even ink delivery is assured. The very viscosity of ink is designed in such a way so that there is even flow through the critical points from the print head with great ease. This assures even distribution of ink on the page resulting in the production of impressive image. In order to prevent the pages to be printed from smearing during the printing process of colour inkjet, the ink of genuine cartridge penetrates with ease and dries over the paper in optimal time. There can be delay in between the page prints but then it is based on the drying time specification. Only the genuine ink must be employed with genuine cartridge for that can restrict the print head from clogging. This is because the ink comprises of carefully selected dyes along with water and penetrates which meets the specifications of the genuine cartridge. You get the most smooth and reliable operation with genuine cartridges. There is no doubt over the quality for the cartridges undergo extensive testing to offer optimum performance along with the component protection.